Young Dancer Program (ages 3-6)

Our Young Dancer Program was designed specifically for this adorable age group .  These classes are designed to enhance gross motor development, listening skills, musicality, sharing, and of course dance in a safe and fun enviornment.   We continue to evolve yearly to grow with the current culture of young dancers.  We are  complimented often for our age appropriate costuming and music selections.

Preschool : Our young dancer program begins with our very popular preschool classes for ages 3-4.  These classes are taught by experienced, patient, nurturing adult instructors who love working with children.   This class is 30 minutes of instruction once per week.

Tiny tap & tumble:  Developed specifically for our 2nd year preschoolers, this 4 year old class is a combination of tap, pre-ballet, and tumbling.   This is a 45 minute class that meets once per week.

Kindermoves:  For ages 5-6 this combo class consists of tap, pre-ballet, and tumbling.  This class is one hour of instruction and meets once per week.

Beginner Tap/Beginner Tumbling:  These classes have the same syllabus as our Kindermoves class, and is designed for students who may want to take just one class or the other.  Each class is 30 minutes once per week.

Dance classics (ages 6-7)

These classes start to build upon the foundation started in the Young Dancer Program.  Students are introduced to syllabus based classes, with more options of dance styles.

B2 Tumbling (age 5 and up)
Tap II (age 6-7)
Junior Intro prep combo- jazz/tap/ballet  (age 7)

Graded technique classes (ages 8 and up)

Formal Cecchetti training begins for ballet classes, and each dance discipline has a set syllabus so that our instructors work together as a team to bring consistent class structure to our students.

Beginner ballet
Grade I- V Cecchetti ballet

Competitive Dance

While we do offer competitive dance, we equally have as many students who choose to dance without competing.  Our competitive program is nationally recognized for our technique, age appropriate music and costuming, choreography, and creating a well rounded dancer.  Our competition program also goes beyond the steps we teach to include integrity, teamwork, kindness, and good sportsmanship.  We teach not only to have an appreciation for the art of dance, but to reach for high achievement in academics, citizenship, and to create friendships that will last a lifetime.